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HAVE Digital Platform

HAVE platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with well-established and popular software solutions, which allows adding new systems  to existing infrastructure gradually. It provides unified communication layer to streamline back-end processes and front-end experience.

Digital Products

Leverage HAVE's pre-built digital products and tools or in-house solutions built on top of the platform.

HAVE Platform

Scalable, composable application serving as communication bus for all downstream and upstream systems.


Use provided pre-integrations or connect own systems.

Design System

Our Design System is thoughtfully crafted to create a visually pleasing and scalable user experience for mobile applications.


It lays a solid foundation for quick implementation while allowing financial institutions the freedom to customize colors, forms, and structure to match their unique brand.

Get in touch

We are constantly extending our platform and look forward to adding new partners and customers. We would love to hear about your ideas and how we could work together.

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