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Empowering digital banking of the future

Technology for continuous innovation in
financial services

Banks face challenges in embracing technological advancement and
meeting user preferences


of clients perceive friendly online banking as important 

12 – 24

average number of months needed to establish a digital offering from scratch


more updates are made by challenger banks compared to traditional players


We provide different products and tools depending on strategy and business requirements of customers.

HAVE Platform

Scalable, composable infrastructure to streamline back-end and front-end processes

Modular Customisation

Flexibility to connect own systems or to extend them with pre-integrated providers

Digital Products

Pre-built applications as basis for growing own portfolio of digital products and features

Gain efficiency across multiple dimensions



Shorten time-to-market from several years to couple of months by using pre-integrated capabilities



Access latest technology on an ongoing basis without growing in-house development team



Reduce costs on building and maintaining digital platform in order to improve own infrastructure



Customize and extend platform with provided products and tools or by adding own new functions

One of the best options for banks that are struggling with progress is to partner with companies who are experts in bank digitization, rather than manage the fintech relationships themselves.

East & Partners

Let's exchange ideas

We are constantly extending our platform and look forward to adding new partners and customers. We would love to hear about your ideas and how we could work together.

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About us

We are a team of highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds in banking and technology. We firmly believe that the financial services industry is just starting to embrace the full potential of technological solutions. In the coming decade, we anticipate a significant transformation in how we interact with financial institutions. Each day, we strive to propel these advancements, aiming to create a positive impact on both society and our everyday lives.

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